But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. – Romans 5:8

Lead me, O God, to the riches of your Truth.  

As I dive into Your Word, day in and day out, show me the love You have for me.  Even though I stumble, even though I fall, even though I struggle, show me the grace that you bestow upon me.  Help me as I continue to live out my faith, every day, to Your Glory.

Forgive me where I have fallen.  I am a wretched sinner in need of a Glorious Savior.  I hate my flesh and the desires it brings, but I fight those desires.  There are days where it makes me weak.  It discourages me.  It brings me to my knees as I seek Your Face.  I don’t want to disobey You.  I want my life and my actions to be a sweet fragrance to you.  But, I know that I fail you, daily.  I need Your Grace.  I need Your Love.  I need You.

Take my life.  It’s not my own, it’s Yours!  I lay it at the Cross of Christ.  All my desires, my worldly pleasures, the sinful things I seek, I lay them down.  Nail them to the Cross, O God!  Take my hard heart and give me a heart of flesh with new desires and a new direction.  Lead me to the Truth of Your Word.

I can’t bear it.  It’s too heavy, this burden that I carry, this weight that is on my shoulders, my shame and regret.  How long, O Lord, till you rescue me from this dying world?  How long, O Lord, till You return and make your Kingdom here?  Give me the strength to be bold within a perishing world; to share the Gospel to a dying people.  To show the same Grace You have shown me!

I don’t deserve You, O God.  I don’t deserve Your Love, Your Grace, Your Friendship.  You are a Sovereign King, sitting high on the Throne of All.  Who is man that you even think about us?  Why do you even care about us?  We have disobeyed You!  We have all sought to be gods of our own universe!  Yet, You still love us!  We are enemies of You!  Yet, You still pursue us!  God, why?!

Thank You for Jesus.  Thank You for Grace.  Thank You for Love.  Lead me, O God, to Your Glorious Truth, to Your all-sufficient Word… To Jesus…

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