I want to swim in the Ocean of the Gospel…

I want the truth of God’s Word to completely engulf me within it’s power and it’s treasure.

Oh how I wish I could fathom the richness of the Gospel of Jesus, the peace that calms my soul and the spark that ignites my being.

I crave to bask in the sufficiency of my Savior, to be enthralled by the measure of the Sovereignty of God, to be captured by the love that has been gifted to me unconditionally.

I grip the Book of the Word of God, clinging to it, never letting it go as it drips the blood of Jesus while I soak in every word, every verse, every bit of truth.

The hole inside my soul is being satiated by God and His truth, like a drug to my ever growing addiction of His Grace, only finding true satisfaction in the holds of the Gospel as it pumps through my veins to my hardened heart, bringing life to a cold, dead man.

I starve for the meat of the truth of Jesus, and even though I find satisfaction in it, I crave more as I become a glutton for the Gospel, ever constantly consuming every bit of truth I can grab a hold of, finding true pleasure and satisfaction.

I want to swim in the Ocean of the Gospel, sensing every drop of it’s power surround me, giving refreshment from it’s cool hydration, desiring to draw deeper and deeper, paddling through every page of God’s Word as I seek for the treasure of Jesus buried in Truth.

Oh how I crave Jesus…

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