Ever feel like you want to write, but you just don’t know what to write about?

I have a desire to write.  I want to have a topic every week, or twice a week, and just write.  I have a journal that I bought so I could write, not anything specifically, but just to write.

I want to write about what I’m reading, no matter the book. (Harry Potter?  LOTR? The Institutes of The Christian Religion?)

I want to write about what I’m thinking, no matter the thought (that could be scary!).

I want to write about how I’m feeling, no matter how dark it may seem (don’t worry, I’m not a cry-baby, even though my wife says I am).

I want to write for me, even though I want you and everyone else to read it (Trust me, I’m a little more humble than that).

I read these magnificent blogs (not the popular ones), blogs written by random, normal, smart, ordinary people who just feel like they have something to write about and I crave that.

I think I put too much thought into what I want to put on paper (or on a blog because that’s what I’m doing now).  (Are you tired of the 4th wall dialogue that I’m sharing within my parentheses?)  (How about now?)

I want to be honest, and real, in a world where people wear masks.  I want to share my struggles and my strengths, my weaknesses and my wins, my life and the things I love.  Not because I want to be accepted by you, or approved by you, or to become popular, or even to gain enough followers because I want my own Facebook Page.  No.  I want to write because I feel like there are things I need to put down on paper (or a blog, like I am now).

I want to talk about theology within my Southern Baptist mentality of a Christian.  I want to talk about ministry, because that is my life.  I want to talk about Jesus, because He is my treasure.  I want to talk about things of this world that I find interesting, devastating, and annoying.  So, this is me.  Talking.  Typing.  Writing.  Blogging.  About things that are on my mind in a real and honest way.

Or maybe I just typed this because I really had nothing else to talk about.  🙂


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