5 Tips For Doing Ministry Outside The Church Office

  1. Work where people are regular
  2. Work where you can be a regular
  3. Work where you can get work done
  4. Work where you can hold conversations
  5. Work where unchurched and churched people hang out

Work Where People Are Regular

I am not a fan of the Church office.  It shuts me off from the outside world.  I really enjoy working outside the office at places where I can do ministry.  I tend to work where people are regular.

The coffee shop I tend to go to to get work done has many people that come in throughout the week that are regular.  It gives me the opportunity to build relationships with those people so that I can understand what’s going on in their lives.

Work Where You Can Be A Regular

I have become a regular at this local coffee shop, but I am also a regular at a breakfast place as well.  If you become a regular, it helps continue building those relationships with the regulars AND with the employees that are there.

There are other places you can go to do ministry where you can be a regular; local gym, restaurants, bookstores, coffee shops.

Work Where You Can Get Work Done

I don’t recommend becoming a regular at the local bowling alley or laser tag.  I doubt you can pass that off to your Church.  Wherever you decide to go, make sure you have a purpose for being there, and not just because you’re trying to meet people (creep).

When I go to the local coffee shop, I’m bringing my book or laptop and attempting to do some work.  However, if a conversation arises with someone there, then that’s good too, which brings me to my next tip.

Work Where You Can Hold Conversations

The purpose of doing ministry outside the Church office is to build relationships, so you must find a place where you can talk.  If it’s loud, I wouldn’t recommend it.  It’s hard to hold conversations at the gym, but it’s possible.  There are even some people who go to the coffee shop not wanting to be talked to, they are trying to get work done.  But, there’s still possibilities.

People are holding conversations everywhere they are.  Whether it’s politics, religion, the Olympics, people are talking.  Be apart of these conversations, in a godly and gracious way.  Within the conversations, bring in the Gospel.  That’s the purpose for doing ministry outside the Church office; sharing Christ in the community.

Work Where Unchurched And Churched People Hang Out

The purpose of doing ministry outside the Church office is to build relationships AND for people to see you out in the community.  If your Church believes all you do is visit and hang out at the house, you’re not doing your job.  I enjoy being out in the community building relationships with unchurched people and being able to see people that are a part of my Church as well.

No matter where you go to do ministry outside of the office, remember who you represent.  You are representing Jesus Christ.  I pray you are being a light within the community.

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