Have you ever looked at the youth ministry down the street, or in another county, or even in another state, and thought to yourself, “If only I could work there…”?

 I’d be lying to you if I told you I never thought that.

This past week, I announced my upcoming resignation from my current youth ministry position.  It was the hardest thing I ever had to do.  We can honestly say the only reason why we are pursuing this other position is because God is drawing us there.  They are in a rebuilding phase with their youth ministry and need someone to come in and take control of the rebuilding.

I had a friend contact me later that week, telling me that they have always felt kind of envious towards the youth ministry that I currently work with.  The thought that came to my mind, as soon as they told me this, was, “You have no idea…”

Again, I have done that.  Several times.  Even working in the current Church I am working at.  We get to this point in thinking that their youth group would be a better fit because at times it seems like things are going great for them.

It’s kind of like Facebook.  You don’t see much of the hard things that people are going through.  Instead, you see only the happy stuff because that’s what people are posting about with their lives!  I can honestly say, there were days when I was wondering why God had placed me there.  There were days when I would update my resumé wondering if it’s time to go.  There were days when I would look at other youth ministries and churches and think, “If only…”

When we covet other youth ministries, we are coveting from the outside in.  We aren’t exactly sure how things are, how the leadership is, how the students are, until we actually step into that role of being their youth pastor.  There is no perfect youth ministry.  Each one has their issues!  Even when their website and their Facebook page is always showing smiling faces, it doesn’t mean it’s worth coveting over.

When we covet other youth ministries, we need to understand that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  Things may be going well for that youth ministry because of the leadership that is present.  Things may be going well because the youth pastor relates to those kids in ways that other youth pastors couldn’t.  You may not be the best fit for that youth ministry!  I had to understand that as I continued working in my current youth ministry.  God placed that youth pastor there for a reason, which leads me to my last point…

Be faithful where God has placed you.  God may be calling you somewhere else, true.  But, He has you where you are, at this very moment, for a specific purpose.  Youth Pastor tenures are very short nowadays.  It takes at least two years for your students to build trust in you and for you to start seeing true growth.  I truly believe God is Sovereign and He places leaders in specific positions and in particular churches for Divine reasons.

Be encouraged in knowing you are not alone in this!  Be encouraged in knowing that youth ministry is not the easiest job.  It takes a special kind of person to do youth ministry.  Be committed!  If you have anything else to add please comment below!

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